Life Changing Leaders’ Camp Meeting Dubbed “Doing Greater Works” Gains Recognition

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Life Changing

Life Changing Leaders Camp Meeting Scheduled On The dates 20th – 26th June, 2021 will surely go down the history annals as supernaturally life changing days. During the 5-day intensive leaders’ camp meeting ,vibrant young leaders were empowered with communication and relationship building tools for effective inter-faith engagement.

A gathering of 13 leaders (mainly Pastors from diverse ministries) from across the length and breadth of Ghana (including a Nigerian participant) was set on course for massive relationship building campaigns especially amongst adherents of the Islam faith

During the 5 day camp, intensive sessions in both theory and practice was engaged. With each day divided into three sessions (morning instruction session; afternoon practice session; evening feedback and coaching session)
The term ‘Gospel Commando’ churned by the Senior Minister (Dr. Ahmed Agyei) was used to simplify the purpose of gathering. The word ‘Gospel’ representing the ‘good news’ of salvation by grace through confession of faith in Christ and the term ‘commando’ been a military term used to describe soldiers who have been specially trained and commissioned for special and specific assignments.

Putting the two words together, Dr. Agyei explained that our Lord was sending us out as commissioned ambassadors who perform specific and strategic tasks to advance God’s Kingdom and to depopulate hell.
Dr. Agyei was quick to stress that “the term commando has nothing to do with been a political or para-military group. Rather, it has to do with a paradigm shift (mindset); this is because, our master (Jesus) has alerted us about been wise as serpent as we operate amongst wolves (as His sheep).

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Also, Apostle Paul alerts us about the nature of the weapons of our warfare not been carnal but spiritual”. Hence, according to Dr. Agyei, “the goal of Gospel Commandos Movement is to train Christian disciples who invade Satan’s territory without deterring”. He stressed that “Muslims and adherents of alternate faiths are not our enemies, but our friends in the common fight against Satan. We owe such a responsibility of love, honest sharing of faith and support in all good conscience

The Gospel Commandos Movement (GCM) then is a non-denominational Christian movement to equip and properly guide the Christian into understanding the Islam (alternate) faith, equipping with apologetic skills and engaging Muslims/ Imams all around us with Jesus’ love.
It is in this context that we are been trained as ambassadors for Jesus (“commandos”).

TARGETTED AREAS (Training Practice Sessions): These areas were selected (in Kumasi) due to their strong Muslim lineage. Areas such as Kaase Zongo, Santanse Zongo, Atasemanso Zongo, Kwadaso Zongo and Kokode Zongo were of great interest.

CHALLENGES: Limitations like language barrier (especially for the Nigerian participant) was overcome as the other team mates helped to interprete his comments and questions. Challenge of been careful to consider gender in assigning outreach and follow up was also surmounted.

COURSE CONTENT (Track 1): During the period of stay, we studied deep into Islamics and apologetics. After the one week intensive training, we were all able to storm Zongo’s and engage Imams. And by the grace of God, the effectiveness of the approach taught was evident in the fact that subsequent meetings scheduled with mosque administrators started drawing more crowds for mutual sharing. Also, opportunities for asking pertinent questions; as well as, seeking some honest clarifications on grey areas in Muslim faith were not rare. During the inter-faith engagement, the atmosphere of honesty helped adherents of the faith to step out of been merely emotionally charged to been mentally acute while discussing identified loop holes and inconsistencies been pointed out in faith.

IMPACT: Through this one week intensive crash course, perspectives on mission work has been greatly challenged. There has been an amazing paradigm shift from the previous stance of timidity, paralysis and confusion when it comes to reaching out to and building bridges with our Muslim friends, family and neighbors’.

witnessed even during the weeklong course has greatly boosted our confidence to assume the full responsibilities for deepening relationships with Muslim fraternity and also reaching out in love to all the six Regions represented during the training.

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