Lottery, the new cool for some Police Officers

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Police Officers, Lottery

Ghanaian Police Officers were seen staking Lotto over the weekend in an area in Accra. Seems the Economy is moving well for them.

Since the country is getting more and more hotter as inflation rises, the dollar keeps flying and prizes of goods and services keep soaring higher and higher, the masses are suffering from economic hardships as those who are even working can no longer budget with their earnings.

This has gotten people to acquire second -income jobs to make up for the system. As a result of this, most police officers have sought refuge in staking lotteries.

It is not surprising these days, to spot police officers who are supposed to be on duty busily staking lotteries at Lottery joints during working hours in uniform. Sometimes they spend more than an hour at these places whilst they are supposed to be on duty.

In past times, it was very rare to see police officers in uniform who are in duty staking lotteries at lottery joints, but in our times, it is the order of the day. spotted pictures of Men in Uniform circulating social media staking lotto at some lotto joints.

Police Officers, Lottery Police Officers, Lottery

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