Lottery, the new craze for Kumasi women!!!

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It has gotten to the notice of that most women in Kumasi have found it a delight in staking lotteries off late. It is getting more and more rampant as two out of five women in Kumasi stake lotteries every weekend.

Several years back, it was very rare and awkward to see women standing by “Lotto Kiosks” staking lotteries but in these our times, it is becoming very normal.

In Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti Region, women seem to stake lotteries more than men do, especially during ‘National’ Saturdays, you will find several women in their numbers crowded around lottery agents ready to stake their numbers.

As the women are more engaged in Lottery games, the men have switched from Lottery games to betting games.

See images below;

Kumasi Kumasi Kumasi Kumasi

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