Love Birds: Shatta Michy Reunites With Shatta Wale, Wedding Loading

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To anyone who thought the shots thrown from both angles to hurt each other will cause and eternal break up, guess what! Shatta Michy and Shatta Wale are back together as they used to be.

Female entrepreneur and baby mama of the dancehall king, Shatta Wale, Shatta Michy have finnaly reunited in a new video that was spotted by

The couple was seen at their famous Shatta mansion inside East Legon after weeks of insulting and defaming each other to get the public talking.

It is alleged that Shatta Wale went to apologise to Michy to forgive him and accept him back and promised to even marry her very soon to prove how much he loves her. Shatta Wale further added that he never told any reporter or blogger that he has broken up with Shatta Michy.

It all started on Snapchat where Shatta made mockery of his baby mama. He put out a chat that was between himself(Shatta) and Michy’s mum in which, Michy’s mum was complaining bitterly. Several accusations has been made by Shatta who accused Michy of using drugs and sleeping in hotels.

Well Michy’s status on her various pages have’nt changed and they indicate she is still single.

The couple however are back and we are expecting a wedding soon! lol.


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