Lydia Forson Threatens Medikal Over Alleged Break Up With Sister Derby

Lydia Forson and Sister Derby
Lydia Forson and Sister Derby

Rumour has it that Ghanaian rapper Medikal and Sister Derby have finally parted ways after Derby finally resulted to deleting the rapper’s pictures from her official instagram page.

Lydia Forson
Sister Derby and Medikal

Well, we reported earlier on about how the ‘How Much’ rapper has been seen flirting around with Ewe star, Fella Makafui, whom the rapper claims is ‘just a friend’ – it appears it is not so.

Well, Sister Derby is one lucky girl, she has a loud mouth female friend who will come to her rescue/ seek revenge on her behalf should any man fuck with her heart/feelings.

Lydia Forson
Fella Makafui and Medikal

Medikal might need a doctor soon as Lydia Forson has made it clear that she’s ready to stand up and fight for any of her friends at any time she’s needed.

The actress, feminist and self acclaimed breast cancer awareness advocate tweeted earlier on today that she’s ready to fight for her friends, name mentioning them on twitter — noticeably including Deborah Vanessa.

Listen, if you fck with any of my friends, you fck with me. PERIOD. I’m the kind of friend that will pull up, no questions asked. and all others… Let me know whenever you want me to pull up.” Lydia Forson tweeted.


In a follow up tweet, Lydia warned: “See eh,some people just be inviting Karma into their homes,setting a table and serving it dinner; and then later ask why it won’t leave. You opened the door b%#!! It’s always fun and games until you’re walking on the streets and karma comes in a form of a goat and bites your a$$.



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