POLICEMAN & BEATINGS SAGA: ‘Macho Man’ Prays To GOD For Beatings From A Policeman [+Video]

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Frederick Amanor Skalla, the policeman who assaulted the nursing mother

On Friday, 21 July, it was reported that a policeman beat up a woman of 45 at Midland Savings and Loans, Shiashi branch. The policeman was captured in a video which saw the policeman beating the hell out of the poor woman, who only came to the bank to withdraw Ghc250 to clear her debts and feed her grandchild after visiting the bank countless times.

Following the event that looks like a breakthrough for the poor woman, Ghanaians have reacted.

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The woman has received donations from media houses, celebrities and religious bodies which from reports amounts to Ghc 20,000.

In the reactions of some Ghanaians, one video has been spotted by your favorite gossip hub. In the video this ‘macho man’ can be seen praying to God for his breakthrough. All he prayed for was a beating from a policeman so he can also enjoy benefits from donations and sympathy from the public.

“Jesus I come before you, i stand before you without bad intentions. When did this woman come? When did she come that she has been able to meet her ‘meeter’? Father, I plead, let this same policeman come and beat me up mercilessly.” He prayed



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