Mafia Gang: Afia Schwarzenegger And Diamond Appiah Who Is Ugly?

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Afia Schwarzenegger

Comedienne Afia Schwarzenegger has openly disclosed that yes, she’s no shyer to admit she’s ugly. Over the years, critics have insulted her that she’s ugly and more.

Well, this time around, I just don’t know what angered the newly married TV presenter to put it across that she’s ugly.

On Instagram, she posted, “I know I am very ugly and I also know 95% of you reading this wish so much to be me!!!”.

Afia Schwarzenegger is known to be one of the controversial celebrities in Ghana who has been involved in controversies with a lot of her colleagues in the entertainment industry.

Afia Schwarzenegger

The popular Ghanaian actress Afia Schwarzenegger has been tagged by a lot of Ghanaians as one of the numerous celebrities who are ugly without makeup but it seems they have not yet seen these no makeup photos of her.

Meanwhile, Afia Schwarzenegger’s sickening verbal assault on Tiktoker Linda Osei has landed her in trouble with social media who responded in kind. Afia’s laughable claim that Linda is ugly riled netizens the most, who reminded her that in ugly terms she has no peers in Ghana.

Afia SchwarzeneggerAfia Schwarzenegger

Afia harshly insulted Linda using her crossed-eye disability, which is something culturally we don’t do in Ghana. It’s something you don’t do in polite society either, as a disability is something a person cannot control. Afia Schwarzenegger has always been a bush animal and without a shred of civility in her body so it’s understandable.

The long-existed misunderstanding between TV and radio personalities Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah has not been resolved as the former has made a denigratory statement against the latter. The controversial comedienne in a live Facebook video with her bosom friend, MzBel spoke passionately against her enemy, Diamond Appiah.

Schwarzenegger described miss Appiah as an ugly person. When Mzbel reminded her that Diamond would insult her if she hears the insult, the outspoken TV presenter made it clear in the video that “I’ll beat her if I catch her”.

Afia Schwarzenegger real name Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa further stressed that she would definitely beat a celebrity mercilessly before the year 2018 ends. She also vowed in the video to beat anyone who talks ill about her because she is fed up with the insults.

Actress Afia Schwarzenegger and Diamond Appiah, who are both members of the Mafia Gang, have opened up about the influence they have in the country that makes them even stronger than the ruling government, the New Patriotic Party (NPP). They also claim that not even the largest opposition political party, the National Democratic Party (NDC), can match up to them.

Afia Schwarzenegger

The entertainers made this declaration after a third member of the ‘notorious’ mafia gang, actress Tracey Boakye, grabbed a husband for herself on July 28. According to the two, they have proven naysayers wrong, especially those who have leveled false allegations against them.

Between the two active members of the said “Mafia Gang”, who is more beautiful in their photos? Leave your comments below, like and share this article.

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