“Ghanaian artiste need to sing or rap more in English than in Twi” – Youtuber, Malik Ofori

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Ghanian Youtuber, Malik Ofori has stated that the entire music fraternity in Ghana needs to change the language.

In a tweet, Malik Ofori said that the local artistes must immediately switch from singing or rapping in Twi to English. He added that it is through that switch alone that can help them to take over Africa.

His tweet has attracted a lot of divergent views and opinions.

This what he wrote:

For Ghana music to take over African music again, Ghanaian artiste need to sing or rap more in English than in Twi, Nigerian’s are dominating cos others can relate and understand them better.


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About Malik Ofori;

Malik Ofori is a Ghanaian filmmaker, Internet personality, and a YouTuber best known for his film company MO Films. He is also a songwriter at Nu Afrika Records where he produced music videos and wrote songs for the label’s artiste. He owns and operates his own production company called MO Films, shorthands for Malik Ofori Films with a strong presence on YouTube and other social media platforms most especially Twitter.


Malik is a well known Ghanaian Twitter influencer and a YouTuber with his channel under his name Malik Ofori. His channel is focused on personal vLogs, reactions, challenges and pranks.

Short films

  • Malik Ofori runs MO Films, an independent production company in Accra, Ghana. Through it, he has released short films/music videos.
  • Game Of Thrones – Ball J
  • They Don’t Lovr You No More – Ball J
  • Poor No Friend – Obrekuo & Rocky Jigga
  • Island (Short Film)
  • She Prayed (Co-Editor)
  • Venom (Co-Editor)

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