Man Tweets At IMF And World Bank To Not Lend Akuffo-Addo Money For Coronavirus

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A Ghanaian Twitter user with the name Gilbert Asylum has tweeted at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to not grant the country’s president Nana Akuffo-Addo loan for the worsening Coronavirus outbreak in Ghana.

He tweeted this yesterday in lieu of the president’s announcement that he has allocated U.S $ 100 million in order to fight the disease, which now has seven confirmed cases in the country.

The Tweet goes as follows;

Dear @WorldBank and @ IMFNews, Ghana’s @NAkuAddo is coming to beg you for $ 100 million to fight COVID-19. Don’t give him penny. He is wasting $200million on a new vooters register and another $100million on a church building (National Cathedral). Kindly Ignore him. Thank you.

Ghana is known to be a frequent borrower from the IMF and The World Bank. As of November last year, the country’s public debt stock according to the Bank Of Ghana was at GHc 214.9 billion, which is about U.S $38.4 billion.

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