Married man shoots side-chick dead for wanting more – Full details emerge

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People get into relationships all the time and fall in love. The problem begins when the other partner reveals they’re married. This was the case of Dominique Clayton, who was known to be the life and soul of the party.

The single mum of four children, all aged under 14, lived in Oxford, Mississippi.

She started dating Matthew Kinne, who was a cop in the Oxford Police Department and had served in the department for about four years.

According to The Mirror, Matthew was the perfect partner on paper, however, there was one major problem, he was married.

The publication reports that after the death of his first wife, reportedly by suicide, Matthew had married again and had a child.

But getting involved with Dominique’s family wasn’t on the cards, as the couple had to sneak around to be together and met up secretly for s.e.x.

Dominique’s friends thought she might be pregnant. But she admitted she was worried about telling Matthew because he didn’t want his wife to find out about their affair. She wasn’t sure how he would react.

Dominique claimed that while Matthew was possessive, he wasn’t willing to commit to her and go public with their relationship, but he didn’t want to break it off either.

The man would later claim that he tried to end things with Dominique and, in turn, she’d threatened to tell his wife they were sleeping together.

At the end of his shift, on 19 May, he went back to a barn where the cops’ horses were kept and left his cellphone there. He then got back in his marked patrol car and drove to Dominique’s house, parking the car around the corner.

The home was unlocked, and he reportedly entered in the early hours, finding Dominique asleep in her bed.

He crept back out to his car, collected his loaded police-issued gun, and went back to his girlfriend at about 2.05am. He shot her once in the head.

Leaving Dominique dead, Matthew drove back to the barn to collect his phone and texted her at 2.20am as though nothing had happened.

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