Medikal threatens back; saying he will pull up on anyone who jokes with Fella Makafui and others

Medikal, Fella Makafui and Sister Derby

Rapper Medikal has made it clear that, he is ready to stand up and fight for any of his friends at any time he’s needed. This follows as Lydia Forson claimed she will support her friends anytime she’s needed.

We reported that, actress, feminist and self acclaimed breast cancer awareness advocate Lydia Forson tweeted earlier on making it clear that she’s ready to stand up and fight for any of her friends at any time she’s needed. Naming them, Lydia Forson mentioned on twitter — noticeably including Deborah Vanessa.

Listen, if you fck with any of my friends, you fck with me. PERIOD. I’m the kind of friend that will pull up, no questions asked.    and all others… Let me know whenever you want me to pull up.” Lydia Forson tweeted.

Medikal also responded to the tweet saying he will stand up for his friends on twitter – noticeably including Fella Makafui who has be reported to be dating Medikal. (Rumours – Why Medikal left Sister Derby for Fella Makafui).

“Listen, if you fck with any of my friends you fuck with me. PERIOD I’m the kind of friend that will pull up, no questions asked.

Side chicks are taking over, and unconfirmed rumours indicate that the undying relationship between rapper Medikal and Sister Derby has sadly hit the rocks.

Sister Derby has been out of the country for a while and since her return not much has been seen of her and her darling boo, Medikal, as we used to.

Well, rumours indicate that ‘just a friend’, Fella Makafui, has taken over Derby’s place since she was away for a while and the rapper has been left with no choice that to enjoy himself with some meat.

It appears Medikal is in for some big meat after chewing ‘dry-boned’ Sister Derby for a while. According to an infamous page on, Fella has been warming Medikal’s bed for a while now and since Debbie’s return from Dubai recently, things have finally hit rock bottom


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