Meet Mr. Ansong, A blind but creative carpenter and xylophonist

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Mr. Ansole Stanislaus Dookuuri is a professional carpenter, Xylophones and drums manufacturer. Although he has been blind since age seven, that didn’t deter him from achieving his aim.

Mr Ansole, who was born in 1937 hails from Jirapa in the Upper West Region. He got blind from measles at age seven and since he had fewer friends, he started making play materials to play with. His father then was a labourer at the Jirapa Catholic Mission, the first Christian mission station in the Upper West Region.

His father was cutting wood for the construction of the new church. Through that, Ansole got to hear about how people described his father’s saw, and he imitated it by making serrations on an abandoned cutlass to serve the purpose of one. Although Mr. Ansole never saw how a carpenter worked, through information given by people around him, he learnt the art of carpentry. His father then gave him a hammer from the mission and other people later followed with more tools. He became a carpenter without a master.

He also learnt the art of playing and making xylophones. He also made things like flutes, drums, buckets, etc.
Mr Ansole was the first xylophonist in the Jirapa Catholic. At first, the church used piano only and sang only Latin songs but when the Upper West became a diocese, xylophones were used and Dagaare songs were sang. Mr. Ansole was the person to play for the church in the sixties till recently when he retired.

Mr. Ansole now 81, has trained 100s of people in the Upper West Region. His xylophones have travelled many regions in the country. His works have benefited many individuals and organizations within Jirapa and beyond.

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