Meet the Man who broke into Queen Elizabeth’s Bedroom and asked for a kiss

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Meet the Man who broke into Queen Elizabeths Bedroom

Whiles many people may take very huge risks to become rich or popular that was not the case of Michael Fagan the man who broke into Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom just to ask her for a kiss.

The Buckingham Palace is one of the most guarded and protected buildings or palaces in the world with several armed soldiers and CCTV cameras spread everywhere around it but as the saying goes love sees no burden and knows no distance, Michael Fagan managed to outwit all the tight security and through luck managed to enter the room of Queen Elizabeth despite the palace having over 20 bedrooms in it.

Queen ElizabethOn the morning of July 9th 1982 fagan scaled the mighty walls of the Buckingham palace through the influence of alcohol as he was totally drunk, and further went through a drainage pipe which lead him into the palace residence.


She then entered the queen’s room who had heard footsteps and thought it was her husband Phillip only for fagan to respond, out of fright she woke up and questioned him as she thought she was assassinated and begged for her life.

Queen Elizabeth

Fagan who was driven by his love for the Queen and the influence of alcohol calmed her down before proceeding to ask for a kiss which amazed the Queen.

The Queen reminded him about her personality but he seemed to have been carried away his quest to get the kiss and forced himself on the Queen but was later arrested.

Queen Elizabeth

He was sentenced to imprisonment on counts of theft, trespassing and burglary which he spent a few years in prison and was later diagnosed of mental illness and was released afterward.

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