“Men don’t even chase ladies anymore” – Lady laments as men stop being lover boys

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Men donu2019t even chase ladies anymore you either say yes or No Lady laments as men stop being lover 750x375 1

A South African lady has taken to social media to reveal that men are no longer as persistent as they used to be when wooing a lady.

According to the lady identified as Mmabatho, she lamented that men no longer chase women as they used to and it’s now a two-way thing -Either you say yes or no.

She wrote:

I think men don’t put much effort chasing a woman these days, it’s a take it or leave it kind of a situation

The tweet has however gained traction on the microblogging platform has everyone weighs in on the matter. Many believe the place of respecting people’s choices as adults is very okay while a few believe persistence eventually gets you the lady and guys should stop the fire brigade approach of asking women out.


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