Michael Essien & D Black Among 99.9% Of Men Who Couldn’t Satisfy Princess Shyngle?

Princess Shyngle
Princess Shyngle

Gambian slay queen, Princess Shyngle has mentioned the celebrities she dated as she revealed in an interview with Delay that she dated two renowned Ghanaian celebrities.

Lots of women complain of some men being liabilities in bed. Princess Shyngle is no go area if you are a one minute man or lazy in bed.

She created a buzz on Insta Story, a feature on Instagram with a single post that revealed that she prefers her dildo over most of her ex’s. In the picture she explained that 99.9% of the men she dated in her past weren’t able to satisfy her in bed.

Well, Ghanaians we suppose have been waiting for who these men are. The actress and model who is based in Ghana revealed that she has dated close to seven men.

From her list of six two that popped up in her list were popular blackstars and former Chelsea star Michael Essien and Black Avenue Music CEO, D-Black.

During the interview Delay asked if Michael Essien was part of the 99% of men that Shyngle talked about earlier but the Actress tried to play smart. She didn’t respond with the answer, ‘No’, which means ‘Yes’.

As the conversation got juicier, She was again asked if D-Black was also among this 99.9% who couldn’t satisfy her in bed or the 1%, she replied that there is no way she’s going to talk about that.

It is quite obvious that these two gentlemen made it Princess Shyngle’s 99.9% of men who couldn’t satisfy her like her dildo does.


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