BREAKTHROUGH: Ministry of Youth and Sports Endorses Keste Special Anguamo, Calls On Public To Support Young Entrepreneurs

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Anguamo Special
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Where is the job? Almost the big question on everyone’s mind after National Service, and for most that question pops up right after graduation. But well, Ketse Special Anguamo has made anguamo (Rice and oil) a popular dish on the internet which has been endorsed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

To what seemed like a mere comic comment on Twitter and facebook by young entrepreneurs, Abigail Yaa Odei Darko, has grown within months to become the talk of the town.

Abigail who is a graduate of UPSA Ghana, completed her service as mandated of university graduates with the same question in mind, where is the job? Unemployment wasn’t on the mind of the female entrepreneur who found her answers in the famous home dish “Anguamo” (Rice and Oil) and that led to Keste Special Anguamu.

Special Anguamo
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With deliveries being made in Accra, the classic anguamo kicked off and has since then been the talk of the town and mostly on social media.

The development drew the attention of the host of Drive Time on Joy Fm, Lexis Bill who granted the female entrepreneur an interview. This has drawn the attention and support from other firms like, Drop Deliveries, Smic360, and others.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports impressed with the innovation of this young entrepreneur has endorsed ‘Anguamo Special’ and called on the youth to support businesses and create their own businesses.


It doesn’t end here guys, Ketse Special Anguamo is planning on expanding it deliveries. It is never expensive, order that anguamo for your girl, staff, guy, and kids at an affordable price. For more info, contact: KETSE SPECIAL ANGUAMO, 0543418366 MADINA UPSA. ORDER FOR YOURS.

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