Most girls have started causing unusual stirs online by wearing tops claiming to be fashion

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It is very obvious that most young ladies have started wearing a kind of bra which seems very unusual to the public. All in all, claiming to be a new style of fashion trend.

Many are of the strong conviction that this is the new fashion trend for the ladies. This type of dress being talked about is so sexually revealing and has been condemned by many.

Many are also confused as to if this is the new kind of brazier or a top to be worn on a skirt or trousers. When worn on the ladies, the lines of the bra crosses in between the front of the body.

Because of such fitting, their almost 90 percent of their upper body is exposed. This includes majority of their breast.

It is obvious that when wearing this type of top, they are not to wear bra. Also with regards to this, there have been many incidents where girls have been spotted in nude outfit at certain occasions and point in time.


The public still quizzes as to what really makes these girls push for such trends. All thanks to social media some of this people abuse the public space to showcase dresses which are not really of good impact to the youth. Until then, we’d leave it to you guys to judge and share your opinions.

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