Most Men Experience Erectile Disfunction When Asked For Money – Shatana Says

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Renowned songstress Shatana has taken a strong swipe at Ghanaian men.

According to her, asking money from a man during sex prevents his manhood from experiencing an erection.

However, we chanced upon a video of Shatana saying broke men are much better in bed.

The adorable musician in an interview on Tv Africa’s ODONKOMOPA indicated broke men are likely to be more focused on the quality of life than a life of luxury and that quality of life probably includes great, frequent s£x.”

The truth of the matter is that men are likely to experience erectile issues when you ask them for money.

She, therefore, advised women to be careful with how they treat their broker partners.

She stressed that if women want to enjoy sex they should desist from asking their men money during sexual intercourse.

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