Multichoice Launches A New African Telenovela Channel On DStv

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MultiChoice Group proudly owns the title of Africa’s most-loved storyteller and that brings with it a responsibility to not only invest in the development of authentic African stories, created by Africans but also to bring the best of Africa to its valued customers across the continent.

As part of this commitment, MultiChoice has launched its first African-focused telenovela channel, Novela Magic, to share the best African telenovelas on one easy-to-access platform. The channel will also honour the vast range of cultures and languages on the continent through a diversity of original homegrown stories and local creative talent. Novela Magic on DStv channel 165 launched on Friday, 21 May 2021 for all DStv customers.

Cecil Sunkwa-Mills, Managing Director, MultiChoice Ghana believes that it is the growth and success of local storytelling that’s compelled the business to launch an African telenovela channel. “For over 30 years M-Net has been bringing to audiences across the African continent compelling stories that harness the imagination of our viewers while also showcasing the vast talent that is harboured on the continent,”

“We want to continue this legacy of showcasing the best African stories with themes that resonate and engage our viewers, hence the launch of this new channel Novela Magic.”

The exciting telenovela collection includes Unbroken, Zuba, Forbidden, and Battleground.

Unbroken, with its origins in Nigeria, tells a love story between Tivdo and Jesse who are crazy in love. Tivdo plans to marry Jesse until tragedy strikes, leaving him disabled after a car accident where his beloved fiancée, Jesse, was on the wheel.

In Zuba, Zambia’s first telenovela, an innocent, rural teenage girl must leave her family and education behind to do a maid’s job with a complex, wealthy urban family where she falls for the young son of the house.

In Battleground, the Bhadmus family’s love for one another is put to the test when an unfortunate tragedy leads to shocking secrets being exposed and power struggles within their ranks. From infidelity to crooked business deals and constant media scrutiny.

Forbidden is a Nollywood production which tells how the secret affair between two lovers is exposed when the lady’s colleague sends a picture of the couple making out to the blogs.

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