Musician Amaarae Suggest Ghanaians Kidnap Politicians Kids To Teach Them A Lesson

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Talented Ghanaian Songstress, Amaarae has made a suggestion to the #FixTheCountry protestors on how to get the leaders to respond to their cries swiftly.

The budding singer who has played a role in the call on the government to attend to the country’s challenges which have been dubbed #FixTheCountry said that the government doesn’t care about their plea until they take the drastic decision and take matters into their own hands.

In a tweet, she suggested that the only way to get the leader’s attention is to kidnap one of their kids.

Politicians don’t gaf about your internet protests. Kidnap one of they kids or sth”. – She wrote

Meanwhile, Ghana’s current finance minister – Hon Ken Ofori Attah, the state will be needing not less than $10 billion to fix all the bad roads in the country.

This revelation was made during a press briefing he held with the media with a strong connection to the controversial and ongoing #Fixthecountry protest.

This answer was relevant following agitations by the #FixTheCountry campaigners calling the government to fix the country’s bad road network which has now become a thorn in the flesh for many citizens.

He also noted that the #Fixthecountry campaign is good way of calling on the government to grieve out their needs and demands as the youth of the country.

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