Musician Eazzy Reveals Secret Of Being Bisekzual

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Eazzy, Bisexual, Bisekzual

Songstress Eazzy has recently revealed a secret that got a lot of people’s attention questioning if she is bisekzual (the word can’t be spelled due to policies) in an interview she granted.

In fact, her statement was unambiguous as it blatantly revealed that she’s a bisekzual, a revelation that has greatly surprised her fans indeed.

The “Wengeze” hitmaker said the heartache she suffered at the hands of an anonymous girl has compelled her to go out with two guys at the same time so she can play along and heal her wounds.

My heart was shared and broken into pieces, so I am holding a thread and needle trying to sew it together.

Some girl b, let me leave it just like that but yeah some girl broke my heart, I loved her and I thought she loved me but she turned out to not be very genuine. 

I have tried single guys and I have tried a girl. Now I am just going with two guys maybe that will work.

The question is, will Eazzy be the female when she is with her female partner? Leave your comments below.

Watch the full interview below;

Eazzy, Bisexual, BisekzualAbout Eazzy;

Eazzy is the professional name of Mildred Ashong (born August 1, 1986), a Ghanaian singer, rapper, and songwriter. Ashong attended St Anthony’s Junior and JSS school, Mfantsiman Secondary, Institute of languages, University of Professional Studies, and Chartered Institute of Marketing UK. She graduated in Birmingham,England with a postgraduate in chartered marketing UK at the Symphony Hall in November 2008.

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