“Must you borrow money to marry?” – Eastwood Anaba narrates how a branded Ghana Highways pick up took he and his wife home after church

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Eastwood Anaba

The President of Eastwood Anaba Ministries is warning couples to desist from the wanton display of opulence during marriages.

The Preacher Man cannot fathom why some people even go to the extreme to borrow money for white weddings leaving them broke and highly indebted after such funfairs.

Eastwood Anaba who was preaching to his congregants on a televised platform monitored by MyNewsGh.com said, he did not borrow any money to wed his wife Rosemond Anaba because there was no budget and he does not feel ashamed telling anybody about it.

He said even on his wedding day, he still performed an ‘altar call’ to deliver sick people and win souls for Christ with his wife. The renowned Man of God is therefore advising couples to save themselves from avoidable stress borne out of extravagant marriage ceremonies.

“…Must you borrow money to marry? On my wedding day, I tell everybody and I’m not ashamed about it, On my wedding day, I didn’t borrow. We married just like that on Sunday morning. She wore a skirt suit and I put on my suit. That day because of some crisis in the church, I preached on my wedding day, I did an altar call, and many people gave their lives to Christ. I laid hands on the sick and she joined me to lay hands and many people got healed…” He stated.

He also revealed how he and his wife got stranded and had to beg for a lift by the Ghana Highway’s pick-up driven by a friend after the church service on the wedding day.

“…After the wedding, we had no car to go home, we stood outside the church, we saw a pick-up truck which was yellow and they had printed on it Ghana Highways, we jumped into the departmental pick-up and left, we jump into the pickup and went home…”

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