Mzbel Dress Up In Dipo Fashion (Photos)

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Ghanaian songstress and entrepreneur Belinda Nana Akua Amoah popularly known as Mzbel has half-naked in a new dipo like-photos on her Facebook page.

Dipo is a Ghanaian traditional festival celebrated by the people of the Krobo land in the Eastern region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated in the month of April every year.

Dipo is of prime importance in the development of the Krobo community of Ghana. The transition acknowledges the part women play in the welfare of society; hence the performance of elaborate puberty rites for girls.

Mzbel has taken to her Facebook page to show some flesh and wearing beads at her lower part of her body and naked at her upper side. In the first photo, she covered her boobs with a branch from a palm tree while she covered her boobs with her hands.

Mzbel is known to be a krobo woman and is perhaps trying to portray the richness of their culture or puberty rites which is normally performed for young girls by the Krobo tribe. These rites are performed to usher girls into womanhood. Mzbel has portrayed her dipo fashion in a different way.

Mzbel sharing the photos asked her fans and followers if she is too old to perform dipo. She captioned her photos on her Facebook page.

“Am I too old for “Dipo”? I’m the last born of seven girls and the only one among my sisters who were denied “Dipo” cos my mama found Christ”.

Mzbel Mzbel

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