National Film Authority Cautions Filmmakers On Filming Pornographic Content

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National Film Authority

Pornography is African is frowned upon and several African governments have made it a crime of the highest order.

The National Film Authority (NFA) in Ghana has joined this course and warned filmmakers against the shooting of pornographic films in the country.

According to the authority, it is unlawful for producers and filmmakers to “lure” people into the production of pornographic movies.

“The production and distribution of pornographic films go against Section 20 and 28 of the Development and Classification of Film Act 935; and Sections 280 and 281 of the Criminal Offences Act 29,” the NFA stated in a release signed by the Executive Secretary, Ms Juliet Yaa Asantewaa.

This comes after the Authority’s attention was drawn to “some persons purporting themselves to be filmmakers are engaged in the shooting of pornographic”.

According to NFA, these filmmakers advertise on social media to “lure innocent Ghanaians into this unlawful act.”

“Any persons found to be engaging in such criminal acts will be dealt with by the full force of the law,” the statement read.

The institution cautioned the general public to report persons engaged in such activities to the police or any NFA office.

This caution come after popular Ghanaian p0rn site popped back online.

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