All You Need To Know About ‘Stonebwoy’s ’ Distribution Deal With Universal Music Group.

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Universal Music Group

Praised as the god of Dancehall & Reggae in Ghana, Livingstone Etse Satekla, known in showbiz as Stonebwoy was recently in the news for securing a distribution deal with Universal Music Group Nigeria.

Well here is a little education on this kind of deal and what we think you should know about such deals among other infos that we deem important.

Stonebwoy has a recording deal with Zylofon Music, the artiste was signed last year which followed with the release of his record breaking album Epistles of Mama.


The Universal Music Group have been at the top when it comes to music and entertainment world wide. When you mention Universal Music Group, the only competitors that come in mind are Sony Music.

To add to, Universal Music Group earlier on this month announced a significant expansion of operations within Western Africa. This led to the launch of Universal Music Nigeria.

A little education, the music group chose Nigeria because of it numbers, yes, with any business oriented Music firm, numbers really count.

The Nigerian branch was launched last week; it hasn’t been there for years.


When we mention distribution deals, they refer to getting your albums into shops. With a distribution deal, you only make money on what you sell and your label is responsible for manufacturing and promotion.

There are two sides to this, if you make a lot of money, you get to keep it all. But if you lose a lot of money on the album, then the losses all come from your pocket.

Also, in the music industry, we have a manufacturing and distribution deal. A manufacturing and distribution deal refers to a contractual agreement between a record label and a music distributor. With this, the distributor pays for the manufacturing costs of an album beginning with the pressing process all the way through the printing of the labels.

Now distribution deals are good for record labels. What happens here is that, record labels pay less for manufacturing under these deals, because the distributor manufactures albums in large quantities which allows the label to cash in on their preferential rates.

Won’t say there aren’t some downsides to these kind of deals, there are. The label doesn’t get any money whatsoever for the release of an album until the distributor has recouped their costs as well as their portion of the profit.


With this distribution deal that has been secured for Stonebwoy, any album that the dancehall artiste will work on, Universal Music Nigeria will see to it that the song will be available at all shops across Africa and all online shops.

His deal with Universal Music Group covers his licensing, marketing and distribution of albums.

This doesn’t mean Zylofon is running at a loss, but rather, Zylofon are putting the young god on the globe. To the label’s benefit, their work is going to be lessened as all the hustle that had to go into distribution to all outlets and manufacturing copies of the song for sale will be reduced.

So to anyone who thought Stonebwoy’s deal with Universal Music Nigeria was going to see a switch from Zylofon, that is not the case here.


Tell you what, Stonebowy is not the only Ghanaian that has been able to secure that deal, Ghana’s songstress, Cina Soul who was featured on the ‘Pen and Paper’ album.

Cina Soul has also secured for herself, a distribution, marketing and licensing deal with Universal Music Group.


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