Netizens shocked as Gov’t snubs Teachers and Public Workers in the new salary increment

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The emerging report convened has it that some government workers will not enjoying the fifteen percent increment of salary.

This ascertained through a statement issued by the finance ministry which has consequently put a lot of people in shock after the release.

Per the document which was released recently regarding the increase in salary of the workers in Ghana. Teachers, Nurses and other public sector workers have been given a four percent Increment.

This increase did not go well with the public sector workers, and so, they are planning on a Demonstration.

Just yesterday, another document was released on an alleged fifteen percent Increment to be paid to workers. A lot of workers became confused since some validators have even testified that the four percent Increment has reflected in the validation of the salaries of the workers.

Below is the content that seeks to explain what the fifteen percent document means. Take a look at the document once again.


If you take a critical look, you would realize that the document was directed to Civil and Local Government Services.

This category of workers are not public sector workers. They rather fall under a body called CLOSAG. Their negotiation for salary Increment differs from that of the public sector workers.

In this sense, it must be made clear that the public sector workers’ percentage in salary increase differs from that of the civil servants.

Public Sector Workers must not confuse this document as their own since they are not working under civil and Local government services.

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