Newly 7-Foot Statue Erected In Memory Of Bob Marley

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Reggae icon Bob Marley once again immortalised, not just in our hearts but his 7-foot statue has been erected near the coast of Liverpool.

As the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool roars with celebration in the final day of its annual Positive Vibration Festival of Reggae, patrons to the highly popular event had their love for the world-renowned genre immortalized when they were met with a towering, 7-foot tall statue of Reggae icon, Bob Marley, which had been unveiled just three days earlier on September 9, 2021.

The award-winning festival, dubbed “a weekend city celebration of the uplifting power of reggae and dub’s righteous reverberations”, began in 2016, and has, every year since, grown to accommodate thousands of patrons and some exciting international reggae acts.

And now, with Bob Marley’s statue adding to the ambience of the celebrations, promoters of the event felt it was a fitting tribute to acknowledge his legacy, and the impact of reggae music on people all over the world.

The handiwork of artist, Andy Edwards, the statue, which was unveiled on Jamaica Street and commissioned by PV Fest, was an obvious choice for organizers. Rory Taylor, one of the instrumental visionaries behind the statue being erected, shared, “Firstly, Bob is my hero and we are a reggae festival, so for me that was the obvious choice. Importantly, Bob is a cultural icon. He is known and adored by everybody around the world, young and old. He is a symbol of peace, a symbol of love and unity… It’s an honour and pleasure to be a part of an event that celebrates the greatness of Bob Marley.”

The Positive Vibration Festival of Reggae marked the opening of the Art of Reggae Exhibition, and hosts names such as General Levy, Congo Natty, Future Dub Orchestra and a number of other reggae enthusiasts and performers.

The festival, which runs just for two days, is yet another testament to Bob Marley’s greatness and enduring legacy – both of which continue to keep reggae at the forefront of international music. Marley’s name is reggae gold, and there is a constant market for the legendary singer, who continues to rack up accolades, even in death.

Bob Marley remains one of the modern era’s most influential voices, and given the timelessness of his music and legacy, that may not soon change.

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