Nigerian Actress Destiny Etiko Reveals She Don’t Mind Sleeping With Men For Money

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Destiny Etiko

Will you sleep with a rich man for money should you be in a tight situation?

Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko has revealed that she could care less about people tagging her as a woman who only sleeps with rich men for money.

According to the heavily endowed actress, she is making her own money and that’s what matters to her.

Dismissing the inaccurate notion formed about her by people, she discloses that she does not sleep with men for money because her job is very well paying.

“I don’t believe in sleeping around to make money but a lot of people misunderstand me because of my physique. My work pays me very well. Some people who are not even close to me want to do me favors, so what is the essence of sleeping around.”

Destiny says she is not all about the money when it comes to romantic relationships.

She revealed she has a man and she is very okay with what he has. According to Destiny, all she wants is someone who reasons with her and she will be satisfied.

“If God gives me a moderately rich man and I love him, I would go ahead with the marriage. I am in a relationship and I am comfortable with my man.”

She adds that she cannot be with someone who would not support her career though.

“I cannot marry a man that does not appreciate me or support my career. He would have to look for someone else because it cannot work.”

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