Nobody can say only Gospel songs are sung in heaven – Kwame Yogot

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Kwame Yogot

Ghanaian emerging Hiplife and comic rapper, Kwame Yogot has stated he does not believe Gospel music will be the only genre in heaven.

This month has been a busy one for Kwame Yogot as he was spotted on what looked like a carnival-themed video that featured Kwaku Flick.

In an interview on Y3 Kasa Tv with Blogger Jibriel, Kwame Yogot strongly believes he has been able to fulfill the purpose of his existence on earth since he was created to produce good music for the world.

He stated he believes he will still rap to fans even when he is called to heaven.

“I know God didn’t give me the bible to preach but asked me to come and produce good music for people to listen. He gave me the talent and I am doing the jib he gave me.

Nobody can say only Gospel songs are sung in heaven. We’ve not gone there so we can’t say things we know nothing about.”

When asked if he was a virgin, the ‘Biibi Besi’ hitmaker claims he is not a virgin and he does not think virgins exist in Ghana.

In his response, Kwame Yogot stated that since he started dating at age 13, he is yet to meet a virgin.

He went on to state that most parents assume their children to be virgins and as a result hide issues of s£x from them. This leaves them to satisfy their find out about s£x for themselves, usually from unreliable sources.

This leads to misinformation and is the leading cause of teenage pregnancy especially in the Central Region where he comes from.

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Watch the full interview below;

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