He Is Not Sleeping With Me, He Is Just Protecting Me – S3fa debunks rumors on sleeping with D-Black

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There have been rumors upon rumors. Today, S3fa debunked rumors on sleeping with her boss, D-Black. Says he is just protecting her from other guys.

Many are of the view that female musicians in order to have a successful career sleep with their managers. Many of such examples can be found in allegations that have been made on social media.

These rumors on relationship scandals aren’t new to the public, first it was alleged that Ebony and Bullet were in a relationship, later it was Wendy Shay and Bullet, and now the radar is on S3fa and D-Black.

Following the signing of the female musician, rumors had it that she was in a relationship with her new boss and that they were banging each other.

Well, the female singer has debunked all of that. She didn’t deny the fact that she is always with her boss, as she claims she is young hence her boss gives her the needed attention.

“Well people are entitled to their own opinion, he is not sleeping with me.” She said.

When she was asked on why people will speculate something of that sort, the artiste explained

“For musicians in the industry they think immediately you sign female artistes, they think you are doing something with them. People don’t really know people that much. And we find ourselves in places like Ghana where people just talk about people for fun. And they were saying that I was sleeping with him but then it is not true.”

Though she is not the only female artiste on the label, with others like Freda Rhymes and Mina Richy all signees of Black Avenue Muzik, she explained on what she thinks is the reason behind these allegations.

“I am closer to my boss. I am the youngest on the label. D-Black wants me to be with him because he doesn’t want any of the guys to come closer. I am the youngest and he just wants to protect me”, She added.

S3fa is currently promoting her new single ‘Marry Me’ which features Jupiter.

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