I Am Not Sleeping With S3fa and Nina Richie – D-Black debunks rumours

D-Black, D Black

Entrepreneur and rapper,Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, better known by his stage name D-Black has revealed that he has no affair or relationship whatsoever going on between himself and his signed artistes, namely S3fa and Nina Richie.

Black Avenue Muzik boss, has come out to debunk rumours suggesting that he has an affair with these two ladies with energetic bodies.

D-Black was accused of having with these two talents because of his close business relationship with them. Well, speaking to Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz yesterday, the award-winning rapper denied these claims and stated emphatically that his relationship with these ladies is strictly business.

S3fa and D Black, S3fa and  D-Black, D Black, D-Black

According to D-Black, S3fa doesn’t know where he lives and he doesn’t know where S3fa lives as well, because what exists between them is strictly business.

“S3fa is my lil sister. I don’t even know where S3fa lives, she doesn’t know where i live. Ours is a strictly business relationship we all meet at Black Avenue”, he said


Nina Richie and D Black, Nina Richie and  D-Black, D Black, D-Black
Nina Richie

On his conclusion note, D-Black revealed that he hasn’t been all over Nina Richie and his other female signee as other claim, revealing that he was with all three female musicians and that all the reports by various portals, are false.

“I was with all three of them, I was not all over anybody. There was about sixteen of us”, he told Andy Dosty.


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