NPP’s Eugene Arhin Lose Divorce Case As Wife Wins BIG!! (Details)

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Eugene Arhin

A few months ago, Eugene Arhin, Communication Director at the Presidency, was trending on all social media platforms because of his marital issues.

Eugene Arhin was accused by his beautiful wife Gloria Arhin of having extramarital affairs and she had filed for a divorce at the Matrimonial Division of the High Court in Accra.

According to her, Arhin has been sleeping with many other women as he keeps extra-marital affairs, some of which were mentioned in the suit.
She then mentioned Chantelle Kudjawu, who is also known as Getrude Gbajo as a woman her husband regularly visited in hotels.

The accusations labeled against Eugene Arhin made a lot of news in the country but what came as a shock to many was the properties mentioned in the suit to be owned by the young Eugene Arhin.

The properties listed by Mrs. Arhin included two 16-apartment buildings at Bubuashie and Tuba in Accra, houses at East Legon, AU Village, Teshie, Senya Breku, and a waterfront resort at Ada.

For moveable properties, Gloria Arhin states that they have: One Ford F150 vehicle, Toyota Avalon vehicle with registration number GR 7108-18, Toyota Lexus vehicle with registration number, Toyota Tundra vehicle with registration number, Hyundai Elantra vehicle with a registration number.

Following Mrs. Arhin’s claims, some photos have popped up showing one of the 16-apartment buildings, the one which is specifically located at Bubuashie.

The accusations of Gloria Arhin sparked a massive debate in the country with most Ghanaians questioning how Eugene Arhin acquired all that wealth in just 4 years of been appointed Communication Director at the Presidency.

There were so many conspiracies surrounding Eugene Arhin’s properties. As expected, some citizens defended Eugene Arhin, stating he owed no one any explanation about his properties.

The fact remains that these accusations by Gloria Arhin have to date not been officially verified.

Let us turn our focus a little to the lady collapsing marital homes, Chantelle Kudjawu. Chantelle’s stunning looks are one that would be difficult for any man to resist.

Chantelle was the same woman at the center of the National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah’s pajamas scandal.
For those who may not remember, Chantelle, then an alleged girlfriend of Kan-Dapaah got him to virtually model in pajamas during a video call.

She later leaked the video of their recorded call on social media leading to a big embarrassment for the minister.
It appears Mr. Eugene Arhin and the famous National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah were sharing the same meal.
Not much is known about Chantelle but if we decide to resort to hearsays, she has many political giants and bankrollers on her call logs for reasons only God will know.

Eugene Arhin having remained mute about the accusations leveled against him later issued a press statement denying the said allegations. But if you have lived in Ghana all your life, there is always an iota of truth in any scandal in the country.

Fast forward, the divorced case that was filed by Gloria Arhin has finally been settled. The court confirmed the divorce and the couple can now go their separate ways and see whoever they want.

However, the court also awarded Gloria Arhin some of the reliefs she sought, including 3 cars, a 5-bedroom house owned by Eugene at Kpone Katamanso, and a sum of Ghc 100,000.

She also received custody of the couple’s kids, with Eugene given visitation rights whenever he wanted so long as Gloria is given at least 2 hours prior notice.
Eugene is also to pay 60% of GHC 6000 monthly, that is GHC 3,600 which is the calculated cost of upkeep of the children.

Gloria Arhin per her suit was expected to get more but it seems she would have to make way with what the court has decided.

A question that has baffled many since the news of Eugene Arhin’s infidelity came up was, if there was not an iota of truth in Gloria Arhin’s accusations, why would a woman who has remained private in her dealings despite her husband being a vocal politician voice out her frustration to the public.

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