“Nsawam was unbearable but God saved me” – Ex convict singer Ramzy Amui says

It took the nation by surprise in 2006 when the first runner up of the 2006 edition of the ‘Stars Of The Future’ music reality show, Wilhelm Ramzy Amui was sentenced to 20years in prison on account of charges of conspiracy, armed robbery and dishonesty according to Article 29, Clause 146 of the criminal code.

Ramzy who was just adjusting to the music system in Ghana also was chosen for the M-net West Africa Idol Contest in Nigeria in 2007. Unfortunately, he was arrested with 8 others on account of theft, few days before his departure to Nigeria for the contest.

Ten years down the lane, Ramzy shares his experience in jail with the public. Speaking with Kojo Preko on Kasapa FM entertainment show, Ramzy’s testimony in prison is enough to soften the heart of Satan himself.

Ramzy said her mother was struck with so much shock when he was sentenced to 20years in prison. That she got a stroke and is still recovering even after ten years. The stress and emotional breakdown his family had to go through by visiting one lawyer to the next to appeal on the case drained all the money he had. He also explained how they were packed in rooms built to occupy only ten people in fifties or more. “This made it impossible to even sleep”, he said.

Also, he explained how his feeding in prison was also a problem. He said whenever he ate the food prepared for prisoners, his skin began to rot so he had to stop eating it and rely on food brought by his family.
He explained that, it was during these crises that he got to know God and begged him for forgiveness and favour. He then began to preach to others in prison.

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What was most fascinating on the events in prison was, when he was four months to clock ten years in prison. He appealed for the reduction of years but it failed. As if that was not enough, ten extra years were added to his sentence. But God being so good, he was released on December 29 last year, exactly ten years to when he was imprisoned.

Ramzy who is now a minister of God has two powerful gospel songs titled, ” Ekemi ye” and “Asumdwee” produced by Zapp Mallet and Kaywa respectively.

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