OCTOBER- See How Boobs Can Make Men Live Longer


Research indicates that most of the men who have lived longer someway somehow gave respect to the two majestic spots that lies in the bosom of every woman and this is how boobs do that magic and why men actually can live longer.

No one wants to live a short life, NO! Listen, everyone wants to live a long, healthy, and happy life. I know I do. But while there are plenty of ways to up your odds of seeing your 90th birthday, the traditional ways we know all kind of suck.

You know, things like going to bed early, exercising regularly, and eating a sad, dry salad like a farm animal. Boring!

Lucky for you, the folks over at London tabloid The Sun came up with a list of some relatively easy and very enjoyable ways to get healthy, stay healthy, and live your best life. And yes, the list focused on one key point that caught my attention.

Staring at boobs all day can make you live long my friends. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should stare at boobs all day, because boobs make men happy, and happiness is the key to unlocking your full potential. Yay boobs!

In case you’d like some scientific evidence on this matter, you should know that a 2012 study found that men with coronary heart disease who immersed themselves in positive thinking, a.k.a. thinking about a nice pair of ta-tas, were more likely to exercise for their health.

Similarly, men with high blood pressure were also more likely to follow their medication plan when they thought positively, as opposed to men who didn’t think positively, or in other words, didn’t think about breasts often enough.

So, this means that you should think about GIFs of slow-motion bouncing boobs all day, because it will keep you motivated to stay healthy. Science says so.

Hey!So this  month permits you to stare at all the boobs at your exposure to your satisfaction, and remember this will help you live long.

We will keep you posted on all you need to know about Boobs.


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