P0rnstar Amara claims Jesus Jesus Christ has subscribed to her p*rn channel

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Famed Nigerian confessed lesb*an and po*n star –Amara, has jabbed her attackers who are mostly Christians that even their messiah has subscribed to her p*rn channel.

Amara made the above claim to mock Christians who have been harassing and throwing shots at her on the internet over her choice to become a l3sbian and a po*nstar which she sees nothing wrong with it.

She also complained in fast trending writeup on Twitter that Christians on the web have made it look as if she’s the definition of sin.

Take a look at the screenshots below to know more…

Turned everyday, this is what I deal with. Christians going out of their way to shame me or pray for me like I am sin. I really want to scream but we go dey use play play answer away these demons. I AM NOT A SIN”.



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