Parliament to criminalize LGBTQ+ to jail culprits up to Ten years

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The Parliament of Ghana has finally agreed to pass the bill to criminalize the sexual activities of persons under same sex popularly tagged as LGBTQ+

Some few months back, there was tension rising between individuals of the same sex and the government on the need to legalize their acts. This resulted in a lot debates across media circles as well as social media where people Spoke for and against the practice of LGBTQ+.

These practices even though having some negative views of people especially by virtue of religious beliefs and socio cultural values has yet seen people involved in this act tirelessly fighting for the legalization of same sex.

Other bad effects is the contraction of STD’a and severe health problems which  could put one to death. But despite all this, people accepting LGBTQ+ have snubbed all that entails in it.


Thus, the government on the other side, set out parliamentary committee to work on this issue and after months of waiting, they have finally decided to criminalize LGBTQ+ in Ghana in addition to jail culprits as well who would be caught in this act whether in private or public. And once you are griped by the law, individuals could be sentenced up to ten (10) years.

The bill is on the edge of being passed in parliament to be gazetted and so conclusively on how the proceedings have gone so far, it’s no doubt that individuals engaged LGBTQ+  would go scot free when caught in this act.

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