Church Money?: Pastor buys brand new Ford worth over Ghc100,000 for 9yr Daughter

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Since 1990, some of us have been wondering when we will buy our first Picanto or a car that can take us to our destination at a fast pace. But this Pastor has shown as “Money oooo Money” in Captain Planet’s voice from his new single. Well, this 9-year-old daughter of the controversial man of God Rev. Obofour is the owner of a brand new Ford Mustang. Yes, as we said, “Money ooooo Money” daddy just bought her a car as a birthday gift.

The controversial man of God who also calls himself an Angel (Obofour) has been in the news lately and this time around he seems to be throwing a new challenge to Angel Bishop Obinim. The other time, he showed his luxurious fleet of cars including a Rolls Royce to challenge Obinim that he’s not the only pastor who can afford such an expensive car.

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Rev. Obofour‘s daughter is seen blowing the horn of her new car bought for her by her daddy and even makes an attempt to even accelerate but it wouldn’t move–Of course, the keys were not left inside.

So you are wondering, why buy her a car when she can’t drive as she’s not of age yet–Well, its going to be the car to take her to school everyday and anywhere she wants to go.

According to, the Ford Mustang costs as high as $40,000 plus and the man of God just bought it for her daughter on her birthday just because he can afford it.

The little girl is even her ow daddy’s hype girl as she was seen exhibiting all of her father’s expensive cars in a video. She was heard saying; ”This is my daddy’s Rolls Royce, This is my daddy’s G-Wagon….”

Watch video below;

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