Pastors On Why Churches Must Pay Taxes. Biblical or Economical?


The past few months, the debate has been on tithing and taxes. Both beginning with T, Christians pay one to churches and the other to government.

Taxes are paid to the government and Tithes are one-tenth of whatever a Christian earns which is paid by a church goer to the pastor. In recent times the argument has been whether one must pay tithe or not, well it is up to every believer to do what he/she believes in.

Recently, Government proposed that Churches were going to be taxed. What called for this policy? That is the question that many haven’t gotten answers to. It is alleged that the flamboyant lifestyle of pastors called for the payment of taxes and that has brought about this banter between some pastors.

Prophet Badu Kobi, who is the leader and of the Glorious Wave Church, in one of his sermons stated that it was nonsensical on the side of Government to as churches to pay tax. According to the pastor, nowhere in the bible states that churches must pay taxes to the Government and that the leaders/Government needs direction from God on this policy.

On the other hand, Reverend Brian Amoateng of the BRIAN JONES MINISTRIES, believes that it is never bad for churches to be taxed. In an interview with Andy Dosty weeks ago, he revealed that it is not a bad idea for government to tax churches. According to him, every Christian who is part of Ghana is a Ghanaian, and these taxes are used to fix road and develop the country hence for Ghana to develop churches must pay taxes.

Another outspoken man of God, Apostle Dr Owusu Bempah has added his voice to the argument. He is of the view that pastors and prophets of late sell commodities such as Shea butter, powder, oil, fan, stickers, handkerchief and other merchandise at churches hence it is right for the government to tax them. He added that any man of God who stands up to fight Government on this course is not from God.

Well, looking at the views of all these pastors, who will win the argument? In the book of Matthew, Jesus Christ paid tax. The famous quotation Matthew 22:21, “They said, “Caesar’s.” Then he said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s”.”, can this be a backing for Government’s policy? What is your take?

Is Government’s reason Biblical or Economical? Again, will Government succeed or not?


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