Patapaa Paid Loyalty GHc40 For His One Corner Song – Former Manager of Patapaa

Patapaa Amisty

There have been several reports on Patapaa Amisty being ungrateful to Loyalty. According to Loyalty, the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker, Patapaa Amisty has ‘dawged’ him ever since he made it to mainstream.

With regards to the reports, Patapaa Amisty hasn’t said a word in any of the interviews he has had so far. Therefor one couldn’t conclude as to whether he gave Loyalty what he deserved for his contribution to the song or not.

For those who don’t know Loyalty, he is the producer behind the famous ‘One Corner’ song that gave the Swedru based artiste his breakthrough. But reports indicate that the beat maker has been dumped by Patapaa.

Mr Loyalty and Patapaa eavesdropped an interview that the former manager of the Swedru based artiste, Godfred Bokpin, had with Hitz FM’s Prince Tsegah on #YouSeyWetin. According to the manager who is no longer a member of Patapaa’s team, the producer had a verbal agreement with Patapaa who also paid Ghc40 to the producer after the song was recorded.

“Loyalty recorded that song for Ghc40 and after which if Patapaa also succeeds with the song, Patapaa should not forget him”, he said.

“I asked him whether he has paid that Ghc40 to Loyalty, he said yes. Now speaking to Loyalty as well, he confirmed that the money was paid to him and two other people who were present at the studio that the money was paid” he added.

The producer’s issue is the fact that Patapizzy has forgotten about him. But, the person who was featured on the song, Ras Can, is not complaining.

Do you still think Amisty has been ungrateful or selfish?


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