Patience Nyarko Pushed And She Walks Out Of Journalist

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Patience Nyarko, Joe Mettle
Ghanaian gospel singer/artiste, Patience Nyarko has angrily walked out of an interview after she was asked about her comment regarding Joe Mettle and his gospel songs.
Recently, Patience Nyarko came out to jab fellow gospel musician Joe Mettle for singing methodist songs and asks him to upgrade himself from the old school by singing different songs and not methodist songs.

This comment from her made Joe Mettle retaliate back to tell her to mind her own business and focus on her work instead because he does not sing only methodist songs.

He cited ‘Bononi’ as one of his songs which is not a methodist song but a general gospel song.

But now during an interview with Joy Tv, Patience Nyarko angrily walked out of the interview when she was asked whether she knows the ‘Bononi’ song and whether it was a methodist song or not.

But she angrily walked out of the presenter or Interview when she thought the questions were too much and do not deserve answering them.”

Watch the video below;

Now the question is, is the ‘Bononi’ song a methodist or not?

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