Pawa House Innovations ltd launch Miss Super Natural Africa beauty pageant

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Miss Super Natural Africa

Our company is embarking on a campaign to promote natural lifestyle and culture, especially among African women locally and across board by embracing natural beauty, fashion and consuming local healthy products with this event.

The Super Natural Show seeks to celebrate “Natural Africans especially women” by inspiring, encouraging, empowering and educating Ghanaians and Africans worldwide that indeed “Black is truly Beautiful”. 

The ultimate goal of the event is to create the awareness for the African women and society as a whole to minimize their inferiority complex and be proud of their natural God-given beauty / culture and also portray a positive image about the African identity to the outside world.

It is about time Africans, especially women abort bleaching cosmetics and other unhealthy lifestyles which is believed to unleash untold health consequences to the body, including the way we dress.


We believe there is nothing as beautiful as the true natural proud African, with natural hair, natural skin and of course African fashion and proud identity.

We believe the best way to keep our pride as Africans is by embracing the idea of natural beauty -rejecting “artificial imitating beauty” and unhealthy lifestyles to keep and portray our African identity locally and internationally, which we know will increase and attract more foreigners into our African countries as far as Tourism is concern and also return the Africans born abroad to learn from us and patronize in our ways and products, or we sending our groomed winning ambassadors from the Miss Super Natural Africa Pageant as planned to go into the foreign countries to preach our original and quality ways to the Africans there who don’t know much about their roots and culture, to come home to it, instead of the other way round.

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The Super Natural Show is designed to bring all stakeholders in the Skin and hair care, Healthcare, Apparels and Accessories as well as Natural Food and Beverage Industries together. The Super Natural Show is embedded with 4 core activities and intended to be an annual event.

  • The Super Natural Fashion Show
  • The Natural Made In Ghana Exhibition/Food Bazaar
  • Miss Super Natural Africa Beauty Pageant
  • Super Natural TV Show” To interview great recourse personalities who can really talk us back to where we belong appropriately.

The super natural fashion show which was held in Tema with the made in Ghana exhibition/food bazaar which was is a prelude of the ultimate Miss Super Natural Pageant which only Ambassadors (Contestants) with natural hair and natural skin tone and natural living lifestyle would be allowed to contest for the prestigious crown.

NOTE: 17 Beautiful Natural Ghanaian ladies have been selected as the Ambassadors (Contestants) to Champion the affairs of Healthy and Unhealthy living style in a Natural way. The final event will happen on the 30th of November, 2019 at the splash Los Jay Beach Resort, Sakumono.

Contestants (Ambassadors) would have the opportunity to partake in educational activities and events that focuses on natural beauty, skin care, African Fashion, healthy living with self-esteem and Tourism to our natural sights in Ghana. The winner of the pageant will be crowned MISS SUPER NATURAL AFRICA 2019 and the Host of our new Television Reality show called The, SUPER NATURAL TV REALITY SHOW, with the help of the other runner ups to promote African natural living lifestyle in all angles, as well as a Natural African Ambassador for Ghana and Africa. And also Brand Ambassadors for some products that is natural and made in Ghana.

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The Miss Super Natural Africa Beauty Pageant is expected to attract professionals, the youth, entrepreneurs, expatriates, promoters of natural lifestyle, businesses and educational institutions here in Ghana and outside Ghana.



  • We will camp them for two weeks in Accra and two weeks in Nsawam to record their Village / Local diaries and for their training where we invite recourse personalities to talk them deep into…


  • The advantages of keeping Natural hair and the disadvantages of terminating it
  • The dangers of bleaching, how and why we should maintain
  • How and why we should be content with our God created bodies and also how to put it in shape Naturally without chemical and some dangerous injections
  • How to eat Natural and healthy (Local and Organic foods) and also how to cue ourselves with food…(Vegetables, Fruits and others)
  • How to believe in ourselves, dress well and also represent proudly as Africans where ever we find ourselves on this continent…
  • Our originals roots and elaborate more on the beauty of our own and reveal the brain washing in other to be vigilant for a new better, healthy, cultured and proud African living lifestyle.


  • Delegates will go and educate on all they have been trained with to the following places and pupil/places… 


    • The youth in some schools to not try bleaching and also about Natural living lifestyle
    • Hawkers on the streets who lack education on damages of bleaching and hair terminations including other necessary topics when the needs arrive.
    • Some of our Markets in other to reach out to our women and even some men who work in the hot sun and still bleach without knowing much on what damage they are inviting into their bodies and how it results amongst other healthy living teachings which would all be recorded as part of the contents for the Supernatural TV Show.
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They will also educate on social media ( IG : supernaturalafrica19, twitter: supernaturalaf1, Facebook: Supernaturalafrica, YouTube: SuperNatural Africa)



The Supernatural Ambassadors will visit some Chiefs in some of the regions in Ghana, to learn a few things about our roots from the various tribes and also to educate the youth in the villages.






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