People Smoke Wee As Prescription Drugs For Their Pain – Samini backs wee smokers

Emmanuel Andrews Samini

Award-winning dancehall artiste Samini, has iterated his plea to government to grant him the license to grow marijuana in the country.

Last week Samini called on Government to legalize marijuana and grant himself and other farmers the license to grow marijuana. In an interview with  on Okay Fm, Samini gave government reasons why he marijuana should be legalized and how the country was going to benefit from it should farmers be given the go-ahead to grow the famous plant.

However, government has turned deaf ears on the plea. Samini is not the first Ghanaian artiste who has called on Government to legalize marijuana. There have been several calls from the likes of K.K Fosu, Blakk Rasta, Raskuku and others. There have also been calls from the late Kofi Annan and Uncle Ebo Whyte. All of these people have given tangible reasons why the plant should be legalized.

Well, it looks as if Samini is not backing off from the fight for the legalization of marijuana. In an interview with Lexis Bill on Joy Fm, Samini mentioned several uses of the herb, identifying that people smoke it because it is a prescription drug for their pain.

“I have already been farming for years and I know that this is a plant that has a whole industry depending on it as their base for producing their oil and drugs. People actually get to smoke it as prescription drugs for their pain. So then I am trying to be allowed to grow it and send it to where it is allowed for use”, he said

Samini further asked government to ignore people who allegedly abuse the plant and look at the economic benefit of the plant. But rather set up re-hap facilities for people that will fall victim to the abuse of the drug.

“It has always been there so if it is an economically good plant, then we have to look at that side and then look at ways of bringing rehab facilities for people that will fall victims to things like that”, he added

The reggae and dancehall artiste revealed that he uses the plant himself, but for different things which he failed to mention any, stating that it is his personal right and his own interest to keep it to himself than to tell the public.


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