This Is Why People Think Counselor Lutterodt Is On Weed

Counselor Lutterodt
Counselor Lutterodt

Most times, one is forced to believe Counselor Lutterodt is lost and cannot put a distinct line between what realities are and what fantasies are.

We don’t have the moral propriety to call a cheating wife a sinner though objective morality allows us that freedom. What we cannot seem to grasp is why Counselor would ask that men be thankful when they catch their wives cheating all because they would be equipped with new skills in bed.

This is what our so-called Counselor told Adom Tv on the Badwam show;

“Cheating is not a sin. If you are a man and your wife cheats or you catch your wife red-handed, just thank God because it is an opportunity to learn because your wife will come home with new bed skills,” he said.

“If I catch my wife in bed with someone, I will just stand there and watch it the more and learn so that if she comes home, she can also teach me”,Counselor Lutterodt concluded.

From these comments many have argued that the so-called counselor goes offtrack on many occasions and perhaps could be on weed or coc.


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