Photo: Patapaa and his oversize cambu

Patapaa, Cambu

The Agona Swedru musician Patapaa Amisty was found on the internet again wearing an over-sized cambu. Patapaa who was mocked by many over the big suit he wore to the 2018 edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) seem not bothered about what Ghanaians have to say about his dressing.

Patapaa was chastised months ago by fans and some social media users which got the artist and the Pa2Pa brand trend for weeks and can say out of that, the musician had the chance to roll on many other stages and shows in the country.


According to the musician, his main aim was to trend on social media to get people to talk about him for a long time. came across an image on social media circulating and this time round the CEO of Pa2Pa Movement saw seen wearing an over-sized white Nike cambu.

See image below;

Patapaa, Cambu

Patapaa has responded to critics who say his outfit he wore to the 2018 edition of Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) on Saturday is “oversized”.

He revealed that he does not consider his blue suit an oversized suit because the original outfit he wanted to wear to the VGMAs is even bigger.

According to him, he intentionally wore the suit because he wanted to present a different Patapaa brand and see what Ghanaians will say.

The Agona Swedru musician has since Saturday night been trolled on social media over his choice of outfit to the VGMAs. His blue suit has been called different names. Other said he borrowed it.

Some people also alleged the outfit was the reason he didn’t win the most popular song of the year award because Charterhouse didn’t want to put him on stage because of his outfit.

“The suit I wore is not big. It is not big. Let me explain. From the beginning when Patapaa came out: my interviews and everything I did was the same. So I wanted to do something different in terms of brand and see what people will say,” he told Zylofon FM on Monday.

“I sat with my team and told them I wanted to wear suit to the VGMAs and we agreed. You guys are even lucky, what I previously wanted to wear is even bigger. It’s ‘togas’,” he added.

He, however, denied claims that he borrowed the suit, saying, it’s his personal suit.

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