Photos: Lady Scatters Guys Room After She Found Him Cheating

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A lady caught her now-ex boyfriend cheating after spotting an unusual physical activity with a new lady.
News has it that, the guy’s neighbors hinted her that a new girl was paying him a visit frequently.

According to sources, the lady after getting the hint came around the guy’s house one hot afternoon and found out that, the side-chick was on his bed and watching television. has it that, the said Lady bought most of the items in the room for the guy and decided to scatter and smash almost everything including his 50 inches Nasco smart tv.

After the incident, many have taken to social media lambasting the lady for taking such actions and it has brought about a conversation we at want to ask;


If you were in the lady’s shoes, what will you do?

See pictures below;

Lady Lady Lady

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