Photos: Man takes advantage of movie making to smooch the buttocks of a lady

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The high rate of unemployment in Ghana has propelled many youths to accept any job opportunity that comes their way.

Some of them are aware of the consequences but because they do not have any choice, they accept it in other to survive or get their daily bread.

The lady said something in the behind scene video which suggested that she doesn’t love what she is doing but she doesn’t have any choice. She revealed this in the Twi language saying “Eii, enndƐdea me ewieyƐnie”. Meaning, this is what she has turn into because of movie making.

Looking at the screenshots below, a guy is seriously smooching the buttocks of the lady. Checking the video very well, the guy seems to enjoy himself very well with everybody part of the lady.


The way and manner he pressed the backside of the lady is too bad. At some point in the guy what captured kissing the lady as romance continue.

The lady told the people around that “What am I using buttocks for?”. The same lady who was complaining about not loving what is happening in the movie shoot was captured smiling and enjoying what the guy was doing to her. Some Ghanaians said that she really likes what the guy is doing, she is just pretending to dislike it.


Others said that it appears morality in our society is gone forever because nowadays youth do not have shame in practising immoralities in public anymore.

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