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One of Ghana’s topmost rappers if not the best, Sarkodie has taken to social media indicating that he would like to change his hairstyle.

Ever since he announced his presence onto the music scene, he has always had his hairstyle in a particular way.

He has always had this gentle haircut all the time even though some of his colleagues do change their hairstyle from time to time.

Some decide to grow dreadlocks and from time to time, shave portions of the dreadlocks to the skin of their heads just as Stonebwoy does.

Some other artistes adopt the sakora hairstyle and a typical example is Mr. Drew.

It’s interesting to note that some artistes have a normal hairstyle but in order to look distinctive from others, they colour their hair.

A typical example is Joey B who sometimes colours his hair in different ways. In recent times, Bosom Pyung and La Meme Gang’s RJZ also colour their hair to look different.

As a matter, many artistes in a move to look different and unique, treat their hair in different ways.


So far as Sarkodie has been on the music scene for all these while and has now decided to change his hairstyle, the question to ask is what new hairstyle he would adopt.

Will the new hairstyle suit him?

Is he likely to have the sakora hairstyle that has been parading on social media for some time now or is he just going to colour his hair?

It’s most unlikely that he would take to dreadlocks.

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All the same, let’s keep our fingers crossed as he takes the decision.


Evident of how serious he is about changing his hairstyle, Sarkodie has created a poll on social media to find out from his fans if they indeed support his move to change his hairstyle.

Based on the results so far, it seems his fans want him to change his hairstyle.

However, he doesn’t seem to be cool at all with the picture on social media of him with the sakora hairstyle.

He has described that as foolishness on the part of those who are sharing that picture around.

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