Politicians Are ‘Chopping’ Small Small Girls, They Must Be Arrested – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

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Maurice Ampaw
Lawyer Maurice Ampaw

Renowned law practitioner, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has revealed that old men who are mostly politicians are destroying teenage girls hence must be reported and arrested.

The outspoken lawyer who is well known for his stance on social issues speaking on UTV on Monday alleged that old men in this country lure young young girls into relationships and have sex with them which according to the lawyer, destroys the future of these teenage girls.

In a discussion on why Old men are interested in young ladies and why these young/teenage girls fall for such men, on United Television, lawyer Maurice Ampaw revealed that old men use money to deceive these teenagers of which they (the girls) also for these traps, hence the old men are destroying the future of these young ones. He also added that most of these old men are politicians.

“These old men are destroying our girls. They deceive them with money, colossal lies, they even put fear in them, some go to the extent of seeing the parents of these kids.”

He urged parents to take it upon themselves and see to it that such indiscipline acts are curbed. He suggested that the government arrests politicians who will be caught in such acts.


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