Pregnant? Blogger Reveals Efia Odo’s Truth

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New photos of the actress and video vixen Efia Odo have caused a stir on social media. The photos capture Efia in a pose with a male friend whom she seemed to be fond of.

The emphasis, however, is on her tummy which looks as though she’s pregnant. Is she putting on weight around her midsection or she’s truly pregnant?

Yes and Efia Odo is in the news again just because she posted a picture where she is seen standing with a female friend and her stomach shows that big.

But wait, is she pregnant? Someone even asked or she just finished eating 5 balls of Ghc2 kenkey? Well, I want you to take a look at the pictures very well.

If you’re a female and you are watching you will realize she isn’t pregnant but rather wearing a waist trainer. If you’re a man and you have removed a waist trainer from a lady’s waist then you be bossu… Lol, you will realize the normal waist trainer you remove is similar to what Efia is wearing.

I have taken time off to study the picture very well and I can boldly say without any reference that, Efia Odo is not pregnant but only wearing a waist trainer k3k3.

Check pictures out;

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