President Akuffo Addo reveals intentions of making all Universities free in his second term

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A university is an institution of higher education and research which awards academic degrees in several academic disciplines.

Universities typically offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. More time many people don’t get the chance to go to the University to pursue their education after senior high school because of financial constraints.

There are many instances where brilliant but needy student lives become miserable due to inability to settle for their university fees and end up being sacked out of the schools.

President Akuffo Addo in an attempt to more people access to education especially, the poor but needy student will make all Universities free just like how he has done the free education at the Senior High Schools Level.


According to the President he revealed attempt of making all Universities free at a meeting in London, Global Education Summit.

“All universities and tertiary institutions will be free in Ghana. For now, what has been put in place is a system where students at the tertiary level are provided loans while in school to help them cater for their needs, but we’re considering free Tertiary education too,” President Akuffo Addo said.

This has cause massive stir on social media. Owing to the fact that people are not getting jobs to and the economic hardships in the country now.


President Akuffo Addo added that, Free SHS has been a success and handed education opportunities to mist Ghanaians who thought there is no hope because of lack of finance to further their secondary education.

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